A low-power system-on-chip for telecommunications: single chip digital FM receiver/demodulator IP

Tolga Yalcin, Neslin Ismailoglu (TUBITAK)

Signals, Systems, and Computers, 1999. Conference Record of the Thirty-Third Asilomar Conference on


A single chip digital FM receiver/demodulator system, utilizing the zero-cross detection technique, is designed and implemented as an intellectual property (IP). Zero-cross detection is performed at an IP frequency of 10.7 MHz using a sampling clock of 65536 kHz. The system is simulated for a BT=0.3 GMSK input with a data rate of 8000 bps. Simulations showed that the system has a performance comparable to those of ideal non-coherent FM demodulators. The power dissipation and area of the system are also calculated for a 0.5 ?m triple-metal standard digital CMOS process. It has been shown that the system would have a power dissipation very close to its analog counterparts when implemented with standard cells. For the case that custom flip-flop and adder cells such as ones given by Yalcin and Ismailoglu (see 1SCAS'99 Proceedings, Orlando, USA, 1999) are used, digital implementation would draw much lower current than widely available analog circuits. The silicon area occupied by the system would be in the order of 3 mm2, making it low cost. The designed system can be used as a single IC or as an IP in a larger IC, in low-cost mobile communication applications where non-coherent detection of the transmitted signal is desired

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