CMOS Circular Geometry VCOs for Microwave Magnetic Field Generation

Tolga Yalcin, Volkan Sahin (Maxim Semiconductors), Giovanni Boero (EPFL), Radivoje Popovic (EPFL)

Radio Frequency integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium, 2005. Digest of Papers. 2005 IEEE


We present 6 and 8 GHz CMOS VCOs capable of equi-phase microwave magnetic field generation for magnetic sensor applications. The VCOs are implemented in a balance-scale shaped circular-geometry structure, and prototyped using a standard 0.35 um CMOS technology. Both VCOs can generate magnetic fields of up to 1 mT within an on-chip 300 um diameter coil. Simulated phase noise is better than -120 dBc at 1 MHz. Measured frequency tuning ranges are 1.1 and 0.6 GHz for the 6 and 8 GHz VCOs, respectively.

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tags: CMOS, magnetic field generation, magnetic sensors, VCO