Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer Suitable For Integration On A Single Chip

Tolga Yalcin, Giovanni Boero (EPFL)

International Patent, Nr. PCT/CH 2006/000247


A magnetic resonance device is disclosed which is suitable for integration on a single chip. The device integrates oscillators for frequency generation, excitation/detection coils and a detector in a manner that allows for production on a single chip by a standard CMOS process. In one embodiment, a dispersion-type spectrometer is provided. Two LC-type oscillators operating at different fre- quencies are provided, the difference frequency being monitored. The coils employed in the resonant circuits of the LC-type oscillators serve as excitation coils. On resonance, the inductance of one of the coils is affected, while the other coil remains unaffected. Another embodiment of the device is an absorption-type spectrometer which operates differentially. Two identical groups of excitation and detection coils (L11, L22, LD1; L21, L12, LD2) are arranged in a symmetric manner around an active core region, and a difference signal from the detection coils (LD1, LD2) is detected while the sample is close to only one of the detection coils.

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