A Novel Key Generating Architecture for Wireless Low-Resource Devices

Christian Zenger, Jan-Felix Posielek, Gerhard Wunder, Chris­tof Paar

ESORICS International Workshop on Secure Internet of Things 2014 (ESORICS-SIoT 2014), 16 pages


Secret key establishment based on parameters of the communication channel is a highly attractive option for many applications that operate in a dy- namic mobile environment with peer-to-peer association. On the other hand, high usability and dynamic key management are still very difficult to achieve for wire- less devices which have to operate under strict resource constraints. In fact, most previously reported key generation methods cannot operate in such environment. In this work, we present a new system architecture which is suitable also for resource-constrained platforms. Our design strongly focuses on security, rather than a robust key generation rate, as well as on low complexity and efficiency. Our approach has the potential to dramatically reduce the cost of securing small embedded devices for the Internet of Things, and hence make mass production and deployment viable.


tags: Channel-based key generation, dynamic symmetric keys, Internet of Things, online en- tropy estimation, resource-constrained devices