Advances in Side-Channel Security

Amir Moradi

Habilitation Thesis


Virtually all ubiquitous devices are based on embedded digital technology. As part of this development, the security of embedded systems has become an increasingly important issue thereby providing confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and other security services. In a family of cryptanalysis attacks called side-channel analysis, it is supposed that the attacker measures the physical characteristics of the device during its normal operation. This branch of cryptanalysis aims at recovering the key which is stored and kept secret inside the cryptographic device. The aim of this cumulative habilitation thesis is to address the main challenges on the way to providing resistance against side-channel analysis attacks, mainly for hardware platforms, and to develop appropriate solutions. In short, the following topics are covered in this thesis:

  • Introduction of Novel Attack Schemes
  • Evaluation of Theory in Practice
  • Development of Novel Countermeasures

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tags: SCA