A Distributed Light-Weight Authentication Model for Ad-hoc Networks

André Weimerskirch, G. Thonet

Presented at The 4th International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology (ICISC 2001), Seoul, South Korea, December 6-7, 2001.


In this work we present a security model for low-value transactions in ad-hoc networks in which we focus on authentication since this is the core requirement for commercial transactions. After a brief introduction to the ad-hoc networking paradigm we give a survey of various existing models and analyze them in terms of scope and applications. It is concluded that no appropriate and satisfactory model for low-value transactions in ad-hoc networks has been developed to date. Our new model is derived from previous models dealing with trust and security in ad-hoc networks, and does not require devices with strong processors as public-key systems. We base the model on a recommendation and reference protocol that is inspired by human behavior and that is in accordance with the very nature of ad-hoc networks.

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tags: Ad-hoc network, authentication, low-value transactions, public-ke, security, trust