Elliptic Curve Cryptography on a Palm OS Device

André Weimerskirch, Chris­tof Paar, S. Chang Shantz

Presented at The 6th Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy (ACISP 2001), Sydney, Australia, July 11-13 2001.


The market for Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) is growing rapidly and PDAs are becoming increasingly interesting for commercial transactions. One requirement for further growing of eCommerce with mobile devices is the provision of security.We implemented elliptic curves over binary ?elds on a Palm OS device.We chose the NIST recommended random and Koblitz curves over GF(2 163 ) that are providing a su?cient level of security for most commercial applications. Using Koblitz curves a typical security protocol like Di?e-Hellman key exchange or ECDSA signature veri?cation requires less than 2.4 seconds, while ECDSA signature generation can be done in less than 0.9 seconds. This should be tolerated by most users.

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tags: Binary Fields, Elliptic Curves, Koblitz Curves, Palm OS