An Embedded System for Practical Security Analysis of Contactless Smartcards

Timo Kasper, Dario Carluccio, Chris­tof Paar

Workshop in Information Security Theory and Practices 2007, Springer LNCS 4462, pp. 150-160, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, Mai 2007.


ISO 14443 compliant smartcards are widely-used in privacy and security sensitive applications. Due to the contactless interface, they can be activated and read out from a distance. Thus, relay and other attacks are feasible, even without the owner noticing it. Tools being able to perform these attacks and carry out security analyses need to be developed. In this contribution, a cost-e?ective, freely programmable ISO 14443 compliant multi function RFID reader and fake transponder is presented that can be employed for several promising purposes.

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tags: Fake RFID Tag, Low Level Reader, Relay Attack, RFID