Evaluation of SHA-3 Candidates for 8-bit Embedded Processors

Stefan Heyse, Ingo von Maurich, Alexander Wild, Cornel Reuber, Johannes Rave, Thomas Pöppelmann, Chris­tof Paar, Thomas Eisenbarth

2nd SHA-3 Candidate Conference, August 23-24, 2010, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.


In 2007, NIST published a call forparticipationin a contest for a new standardized hash function, the future SHA-3. The call targets software oriented designs and suggests optimization for high-performance platforms. However, NIST explicitly encourages the evaluation of the candidates on 8-bit platforms. In this paper we present an implementation of several SHA-3 candidates, namely BLAKE, Blue Midnight Wish, Grøstl, and SHAvite-3 on an 8-bit microcontroller platform. While BMW shows the highest throughput, BLAKE seems to be the best balanced solution for 8-bit platforms.