Identity Certified Authentication for Ad-hoc Networks

André Weimerskirch, D. Westhoff

2003 ACM Workshop on Security of Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (SASN '03), October 31, 2003.


Ad-hoc networks face huge security lacks. In the most gen- eral case entities need to build up a well-de¯ned security association without any pre-established secret or common security infrastructure. In previous work we presented a protocol which provides a weak form of authentication that we call zero common-knowledge (ZCK) authentication. The protocol is extremely e±cient and only requires symmetric primitives but does not provide identi¯cation. In this work we extend this approach in such a way that our new protocol provides identi¯cation at the cost of external infrastructure and moderate computing power. Our new protocol can be used to authenticate messages, e.g., to exchange keys for the earlier ZCK authentication protocol. Compared to public- key schemes, our approach is still very e±cient.

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tags: Ad-hoc Networks, authentication, Identi¯cation, Key-chains, security