Securing Green Cars: IT Security in Next-Generation Electric Vehicle Systems

Chris­tof Paar, Andy Rupp, Kai Schramm, André Weimerskirch, Wayne Burleson

Accepted at the 2009 Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America.


Due to economic, environmental and political reasons, there is an increasing demand for zero-emission vehicles. With the wide-scale deployment of electric car systems, a variety of parties with conflicting interests will be interacting, and there will be incentives for dishonest behavior. As a consequence, new technical challenges which are related to IT security and embedded security arise in the context of electric vehicle systems. For instance, payment and metering needs to be secured, privacy needs to be preserved, and the infrastructure needs to be protected. This work investigates for the first time the security threats that must be addressed in intelligent transportation systems, discusses possible solutions, and presents the benefits that IT security provides in this context.


tags: embedded